What did the cat say when it ran into the door? Me-owwww!

Hello friend. I'm a history, science, and travel writer who is always searching for the mysterious, the hidden, and the wondrous. 

My work has appeared in both print and digital for a variety of national and local publications like Popular Mechanics, Smithsonian MagazineWashingtonian, Atlas Obscura, DCistFood & Wine, and Arlington Magazine

I also worked in the television business in Los Angeles writing, producing, and assisting several shows you've heard of (like How I Met Your Mother), but many more you haven't (like The Two Coreys). Once, I played myself and lent my name to a famed holiday episode of How I Met Your Mother ("Blitzgiving," look it up) 

I'm from Reston, Virginia (suburb of D.C.) and attended Syracuse University, where I graduated from the Newhouse School.

When I'm not putting words to the page, I'm usually exploring, eating, searching for extraterrestrial life, reading, making cat jokes, trying to figure out time travel, or playing softball. 

I also have an encyclopedic knowledge of film scores and I'm really into cemeteries because you can't get any closer to history than six feet below you.

Once, I tried to break into Area 51 and currently planning an expedition to find buried treasure in the Rocky Mountains. 


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