The inside story of how D.C.'s beloved baseball tradition of racing presidents got started.

Twenty-five years ago, Disney nearly built an American history theme in Haymarket, Virginia. Then, it was abruptly canceled. .

“I remember a sheriff coming up to me and saying ‘I’m going to ask you three times to leave. If you don’t, I’m going to arrest you,’” 83-year-old retired dentist Bill Griffin explains. “He just wanted us out.”

Sure, it was crowded and nearly record-settingly hot. But “Apollo 50: Go for the Moon” captured the city’s (and the nation’s) attention in a manner that hasn’t been seen in quite a long time.

Inside of Georgia Avenue’s Howard University Hospital is where forgotten D.C. sports lore lives.

These bulldog-looking bats shouldn’t be this far north. But, over the last five years or so, citizen scientists have seen them in D.C.’s night sky on a constant basis.

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