Contact tracers have struggled for months to effectively track and stop the chain of coronavirus infections in the region. After the holiday season, it's only getting harder.

“Long live my heart,” reads part of a memorial for 18-year-old Deon Kay, who a D.C. police officer fatally shot in September.

The team may have changed its name, but many long-time fans are looking for just one thing: "“Call it whatever... Just win again.”

“We have two pandemics going on: racial injustice and a disease that’s in the air and could possibly kill you... But there’s no vaccination for white supremacy.”

“Symbols matter. They shape how we view the world and inform our culture. Do these [symbols] really represent the Arlington we live in today?”

Twenty-five years ago, Disney nearly built an American history theme in Haymarket, Virginia. Then, it was abruptly canceled. .

The inside story of how D.C.'s beloved baseball tradition of racing presidents got started.

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